Sleepy McSleepy Pants!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Guess who has been sleeping through the night more and more each week! That's right! Little Sleepy McSleepy Pants! Every morning I wake up and thank the good Lord that he blessed Wes and I with a baby that is really good at sleeping! For several nights in a row now she has gone to bed right at 8:30PM and sleeps through the night until about 5:00 or 5:30AM! Today, she even let Mommy get up, shower, get makeup and hair done and even get dressed, all before she was ready to come out of her crib at 6:15! She doesn't really tend to cry in her crib much either. Normally we awake to hear "rutsing" over the monitor which she usually does with her eyes still closed. Last night we heard her rutsing at about 4:30 in the morning but the next thing I knew, she was right back to her peaceful sleep! Shew!

Emma is also starting to get the hang of napping at daycare. The first week she would have some pretty inconsistent naps, but she is getting better and better by the day. It's going to be a busy week this week, but we are really looking forward to Emma's Baptism on Sunday!!

I started thinking the other day about some of my favorite times of the day now that Emma is in our lives and here is what I came up no particular order.
  1. Bath Time: E loves bath time and loves to splash all over the place. It is just a really fun 30 minutes that we get to spend with her at night.
  2. Milkies Time: I absolutely love to feed Tiny and I don't think it will ever get old. I just can't get enough of those baby blues as she just looks at you completely peaceful and happy as a clam.
  3. Snuggle Time: Emma is definitely a snugly baby. She loves to be held, especially when she is sleepy and when she falls asleep in my arms, it is so hard to actually get up and put her down!

  4. Wake Up Time: I have yet to wake up in a bad mood since Emma was born because it absolutely fills my heart with joy to walk into her room and see her all warm and snugly in her crib. When she finally opens her eyes and Mommy whispers "Good Morning My Love", she just lights up the room with the biggest and most beautiful smiles!

  5. Chatting Time: Many afternoons after daycare, Emma loves to just lay and stretch out on the floor and tell you about her day! It's almost like we are having a real conversation because I will say things like "So, what did you and Miss Holly do today?" and she will make her little tiny squeaky noises and smile and I will respond with "No! You didn't! I bet that was fun!!" then she responds with some more squeaks and a smile...

  6. Smile Time: Although these aren't listed in any particular order...I think my all time favorite time of the day is when Emma just smiles from ear to ear! Her cheeks are so chubby that when she gives a big smile, her eyes actually close because they get pushed closed from her chubby cheeks! Example below!

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