Slept Through The Night Again!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

That's my girl!! Emma definitely got Mommy's ability to sleep!! I am pretty surprised that she slept through the night again, especially after an almost four hour nap at daycare yesterday!! We had our normal bath around 7:30 and then it was time for some milkies at 8:00PM. By 8:30PM she was asleep! We tried to wake her up before going to bed for a quick diaper change and some more milkies and we got through the diaper change but I don't think she opened her eyes once ha! So back to bed it was and then she woke up about 5:00/5:15AM this morning!

She had another good day at daycare yesterday. I think she was fussy in the mornings but because she just couldn't fall asleep. She took about three 10 - 20 minute naps but sure did make up for it in the afternoon. She slept from 1:30 to 4:50PM and clearly had no trouble going back to bed that night! Her "Tiny Tidbit" which is the report that we get everyday said "Emma had a good day! She was holding a wire ball, and was smiling when her teacher sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She also watched herself in the mirror." So all in all, I think she is doing really well at daycare!

I really like her teachers, Ms. Holly and Ms. Mona. Both teachers, but Ms. Holly especially, have very similar ideas and preferences as I do which is nice. I ended up caving in when Emma was "little" and giving her a pacifier but I really didn't want to. We give it to her occasionally but more so of a last resort if nothing else is working with soothing her. I have just heard way too many horror stories about children who get so attached to them that when you end up taking them away, it can be pretty miserable (for both the child and the parent). Ms. Holly feels the same way, so I like the fact that she will only use the pacifier as a last resort as well. The same thing goes with thumb sucking. Although it is super adorable now when Emma does it, I am hoping to avoid her getting in that habit because again, it's just something else that later down the line will be hard to break. I certainly have no problems with her sucking on her hands or fingers when playing (it keeps her occupied for a while actually) but both Ms. Holly and I agree thumb sucking is a no-no. Can you tell that I am going to be a strict parent?!? Ha! Poor Emma...Daddy is definitely going to be the fun one ha!

We are doing pretty good with our morning routine as well. Today we made it out of the house right at 7:00AM on the dot! It really helps to have as much as possible done the night before. Before I go to bed I make sure to wash all her bottles, make 5 bottles of formula for daycare, lay out her clothes for the next day, get her car seat and blanket ready (I usually have my hands full when coming downstairs so having the car seat all ready to go is pretty helpful) and get together anything additional I have to take to daycare (like extra blankets or outfits or sheets, etc). She has her bath at night right before bedtime and I also make sure to pack my lunch and pack up anything else that I possible can. In the mornings, our routine depends on Miss Emma. If she wakes up at night, which is usually about 3:30 or 4:00AM, she gets a bottle, new diaper and is usually back down for the count. This allows Mommy to get up at 5:30 and hop in the shower before Daddy needs it at 6:00AM. I can usually get showered, makeup on and hair done by the time Emma wakes up about 6:15 - 6:30. Then its a new diaper, I put her in her clothes for the day and its probably another bottle. If she sleeps through the night, she usually wakes up about 5:00AM of 5:30AM in which case she gets a new diaper, gets put in her daycare outfit and has a bottle and either goes back to sleep or comes in the bathroom with Mommy and plays in her little activity chair. Once I am done in the shower, I usually move the activity chair onto the bed so she can see the TV and watch her Baby Einstein video. She usually watches about half and falls back to sleep, then I rush to get dressed, get my lunch and bottles out, and if I have my hands full I take a load of stuff to the car and then its up to get peanut and head out on the road! I think the hardest part of the whole thing is having to hand wash all her bottles the night before because we need to have two filled with water ready for her night time feedings and then 5 prepared with formula for daycare. Add in the bottle or two she uses in the evenings and that's a lot of bottles to wash! Somewhere in between all of that, I squeeze in going to work, cooking dinner, playing with Tiny, sweeping/vacuuming the floor, cleaning the kitchen and picking out my clothes for the next day. This being a parent thing is hard work! Shew! Welcome to a day in the life of The Odoms!

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