We Survived Daycare Day #1!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Well, I think Emma had a much better time then I did ha! I just couldn't concentrate at all yesterday! All I could do was stare at her cute little picture on my desk and wonder what she was up to! I ended up leaving about 15 minutes early to go pick her up because I just couldn't take it anymore ha! I think overall though I did pretty good, no tears which I was fully expecting.

When I got to The Young School last night she was in the arms of one of her teachers, Ms. Mona. She had just had her last bottle of milkies so she was in the "milky zone" as Wes and I like to call it. She was absolutely exhausted! She took several small naps yesterday, 20 minutes here, 15 minutes there, so she was extremely tired when we got home, which basically means she was super cranky! But after a good poo (eww haha) and an early bath, Tiny was in bed and fast asleep by 7:30PM. Since she ate at 5:00 it was just about time to feed her before she went to sleep but of course, she drank all of one ounce and completely passed out! Fast forward to 9:30PM when we tried to wake her up to have some more milkies and a quick diaper change. Well, that lasted for all of another 1/2 ounce and once again...passed out! She slept all the way until 4:30 this morning and boy was she hungry! She drank her full 4 ounces in no time flat and then...guess what....passed out ha! But luckily she slept all the way until 6:45 when Mommy had to get her up to change her and to leave for day number 2 at daycare! It was a nice morning though since Mommy got to get ready without rushing and had plenty of time to get everything ready and in the care before Emma woke up.

We are still getting the hang of the drop off and pick up routine. Right now it takes a little less then an hour from the time I leave home or work, drop off or pick up and then get back. Its about 15-20 minute drive each way and then it's taken another 15-20 minutes at daycare because of having to drop off "stuff", like diapers, formula (which I have to color code with tape), new sheets, put the car seat away...etc. I am sure as we (mainly Mommy) gets used to the routine we will get a little faster.

Emma had a great report from her first day though, she played and was trying to grab the toys and even learned how to hold keys! She would also smile when Ms. Holly and Ms. Mona were playing with her. Every day we get to take home a "report card" for the day which lists all the times she was fed, changed, if they are low on any supplies, any problems or issues and just a few notes about how the day went. Just like doggie daycare! Ha! I can't wait though to look back and read those when Emma is older!

So we are now on to day number 2 at daycare! Hopefully Mommy will be able to concentrate a bit more on work today and actually get something done!

Oh yeah, and Emma is now MUCH better with her hands! There really has been a big difference over the past two days that it amazes me. Every time she is playing on the floor or waking up or going to sleep in her crib, her hands are in her mouth! She finally has figured out not only how to suck her thumb (which she only does on occasion) but how to get it back in her mouth after it falls out ha! Normally though, its the whole fist that is in the mouth and not just the thumb! She tends to freak Mommy out though because she will put her hand in her mouth, then extend all her fingers and gag herself a couple of times a day! She is also starting to laugh just a little bit. I wouldn't say its her "full" laugh, or the one that you would record in the baby book, but she is working on it! It only comes out maybe once or twice a day and its only a matter of time before she figures out how to do her big girl laugh!

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