Emma's At Daycare! Mommy Is A Mess!

Monday, August 31, 2009

It is taking absolutely all of my power not to pick up the phone and call to see how she is doing. I at least have to wait until lunch time for crying out loud! They were really sweet and know how hard it is for new moms to leave their little ones so they told me to feel free to call at any time and I can talk directly to the teachers in Emma's infant room. She was so happy though, playing and talking when I left, which was comforting to see because boy was she cranky this morning! I think it was because it was just different then her normal routine but hopefully soon she (and Mommy) will adjust to the new routine.

I just can't seem to concentrate though today. All I can think about is whether or not Emma ate, or how well she ate, or if she has been fussy, or if she has been sleeping in her crib or playing most of the morning? I wonder is she thinks Mommy just left her and isn't coming back?!?! Is she chilly? Does she need to wear something warmer? Have they changed her diaper? Are they playing with her? How many times did she burp after her milkies? Is she going to sleep a lot today, or is she going to be awake and sleep a lot after I pick her up? The list goes on and on! How am I ever going to wait until 5:00PM to leave to go pick her up?!?! I don't think I am going to put her down for the rest of the night!

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