Tiny Dancer & The Mus!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I couldn't resist sitting Tiny Dancer up on her Shamus the other day for a couple pictures. Shamus is really good with Emma and loves to be around her and give her kisses. Whenever she cries, he comes running to make sure everything is okay!

Emma also found her thumb again the other night after a bath so Daddy ran to get the camera. She tends to like the bath while she is in her little baby tub, but once she comes out and that air conditioning really hits her...well...let's just say she practices her big girl cry! You can actually see some small tears! My poor baby! But she sure does love to snuggle after bathtime!


  1. How does Shammie do with the licking in the face? We are trying to break J&R now with the licking? I mean we love them to lick us, but I'm sure the baby won't love it as much. My poor niece usually gets a bath from them.

  2. Emma's thumb sucking reminds me a little of Kaelyn - except instead of having her index finger up and on top of her nose, Kaelyn always had hers IN her nose :) I hope that she's grown out of it :)
    Love the pics - she's precious!

  3. Hey Jen! Shamus does pretty good with licking in the face..he does it a couple of times here and there but he is usually pretty good about stopping when we tell him too. Emma doesn't really seem to mind too much, I think she is kind of used to it by now. How are you feeling?


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