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Friday, August 28, 2009

Well, yesterday was Emma's two month Birthday!! I can't believe it has been that long already! It feels like just last week when I was blogging about just finding out we were pregnant! We tried to take our two month old picture and were lucky we got the little smile that we did. Poor baby, after two shots and an oral vaccine and having mommy take your picture when you are fussy at bedtime...shew! So needless to say we didn't get very many smiley pictures ha!

After we took some pictures on the couch with our sign, I put Tiny in her PJs and we had our normal after milkies - before bedtime - snuggle time. My two favorite times of the day are 1) when she first wakes up in the morning and I go see her in her crib (she gives me the biggest and brightest smiles that just make my entire day) and 2) our after milkies - before bedtime - snuggle time. This picture explains it all...

Tiny slept pretty good last night, but was still pretty tired this morning after he big day at the doctors yesterday, so I snapped a few pictures before heading out for work. She was soooo sleepy, she was doing what she could to just keep those baby blue eyes open!

We hope everyone has a great weekend! I will be sure to update everyone on how Tiny's first day of daycare goes on Monday!!

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