Slept Through The Night Again!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

That's right! The little tiny peanut slept through the night once again! This time, it was the longest yet! She was still pretty tired and a little cranky yesterday after her doctors appointment on Thursday and felt warm most of the day so I wasn't surprised when she got pretty cranky in the evening. So we ended up taking our bath a little early and just like I had suspected..she SCREAMED afterwards to let Mommy know just how much she did not appreciate being taken out of the bath! So after calming down a bit, it was time for our next feeding at 8:00PM. Well, she completely fell asleep in the middle of it so she MAYBE drank two ounces. So, we let her sleep for a little while and ended up changing her diaper to try to wake her up for a little more "milkies" around 9:00PM. Poor thing was sooo sleepy, she yet again fell asleep before finishing her bottle and only took about one more ounce...she was down for the count.

Mommy then woke up in complete disbelief at the sound of her rutsing at 6:00AM! That's my girl!! I think Wes and I got extremely lucky with an pretty easy going baby who thankfully has been letting us sleep from almost day one. On average, she gets up only once a night, around 3:30AM with the occasional sleeping through the night which tends to come more and more now as she is getting older (thank goodness). I am actually looking forward to her starting daycare on Monday (I say that until I have to drop her off and leave her and cry myself all the way to work) so that we can start to get on a normal routine and hopefully "meet the day" as my dad would say, at the same time everyday. The Young School is very big on routine (which I love) and by the time she moves to the "Todfant" room which is at about 8 months of age, she will be on two naps a day. Just as an FYI...the "Todfant" room is the room between the Infant Room and the Toddler Room. That will be the first of Emma's many school graduations! Now on to a few more pictures!!!
This is Emma and Mommy celebrating the weekend by playing on the floor! Although she still LOVES (and demands) to be held most of the time...she is starting to really enjoy stretching her legs and playing on the floor (despite the occasional lick on the face from her Shamus haha).

Tummy Time! Emma really doesn't seem to mind Tummy Time at all! She just kind of hangs out and tries to work on those neck muscles and is doing a great job. We usually spend about 5 minutes or so playing Tummy Time and then is back over to rest a bit. All those brains in that head are heavy!!

I actually caught one of the biggest and brightest smiles on camera yesterday. This is the kind of smile that I get to wake up to every morning and it completely starts my day on the best note!

Poor baby...Mommy does nothing but takes pictures of her...even when she is sleeping! But I can't help it, she is so darn cute I can't stand it!! She actually has started drooling a little bit which, from what I understand, can be one of the first signs of teething! OH NO! As soon as the doctor made a joke about it at her appointment, Mommy ran to the Internet to Google and find out when a baby starts to get teeth. I think we have a few months before it gets really bad, but some sites said that babies can start teething for a few months before their teeth actually come in. Uh oh!
I think Mommy is finally going to work on the scrapbook that I got for Emma (I have had it since I was about 5 months pregnant)...and am hopefully going to update her baby book! Bad Mommy!

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