Emma's Busy Week!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First of all...a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Emma's Uncle Brian today!! Not sure he reads the blog but just in case he does...Happy Birthday big brother!

Emma has had a pretty busy week this week! Since I am heading back to work soon :::crying::: we are trying to cram in all of the things we haven't done yet but wanted to. On Sunday we spent the afternoon/evening with the family including all the cousins and had a great time! At least until Emma decided to have serious projectile vomit all down Mommy!! So much so that I had to wear Uncle Andy's clothes home! Yuck! We will have to mark that one in the baby book as the biggest one yet...ew!

On Monday Emma and I went up to PA to visit my friend Kimmi and her new baby Cailin! Kimmi was due exactly a week after me and also ended up having Cailin early (July 9th) and it is a little bit scary how similar our labor and deliveries were! Emma and I had a great time and it was really nice to catch up with Kimmi and chat about anything and everything, especially being new moms! After we got home that evening, my cousin Kim stopped by who is due in November and it was great to catch up with her as well. She looks great and definitely has that pregnancy glow! (Hi Kim!)
(I just love the look on the babies faces on the picture below. This was after about 50 pictures of them laying together...you can tell how happy they are about more pictures! Ha! Check out the arm rolls on my little Tiny Dancer!!)

On Tuesday Emma and I just hung out around the house and relaxed after a busy two days. I can't even think about having to drop Tiny Dancer off at day care and not being able to spend all day with her. I actually miss her when I wake up in the mornings!

Yesterday, we took another day trip down to Emma's Uncle Brian and Aunt Mary's house! Although we didn't get to see Uncle Brian since he was at work, we had a great time hanging out with Mary, Lauren, Dana and Robert. Emma already loves her cousins and talks to them way more then she talks to Mommy...that little stinker! It was great to catch up with Mary and just spend some relaxing time hanging out. I'm not sure what our plans are for today yet, Emma has been awake since 5:30AM so whatever the plans are, they probably involve a nap ha! Tomorrow we are heading to Nanny's house for a visit with Nanny and Aunt Marti and Cousin Nesta. Emma is just a busy little bee this week!

This picture was yesterday morning before heading to Aunt Mary's house. I just loved this little outfit...my little farmer!

I love the look on Dana's face when Emma was crying haha...

Last night, the Tiny Dancer also had her first experience with Tummy Time! She did really well! It started out like this...

...and ended up like this.

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  1. Wow, she is growing like a weed. Love all the pictures and post. Keep them up!


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