Day Care, Jack-Hammers & Smiles!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hi Everyone! While Emma is fast asleep in her pack-n-play I figured I would update everyone on the past few days. We are doing really well and everyday that it gets closer for me to head back to work I dread it more and more! I am heading back on August 24th but luckily, Wes is able to take that week off (his third and final week of paternity leave) so Emma won't have to head to day care until August 31st. She will be 6 Weeks old on Saturday and she seems to grow and change everyday. Overnight, she has seemed to gain much better control of her head. Of course, she still looks like a little bobble-head doll but she is really doing much better. Especially when she is mad and crying haha!

Emma smiles more and more each day when she is awake now. We were playing a little game just a few minutes ago when I would count to three in my best baby voice (which I have to say I am pretty good at after talking to an infant all day for 6 weeks haha) and then I would swoop in for a bunch of kisses on her chubby little cheek. She gave me the biggest smile yet, ear to ear, and it just melted my heart so I immediately swooped her up to snuggle!! I couldn't resist! I tried to catch a few smiles on camera this morning as she was waking up from her morning nap. Here eyes were open of course until Mommy got out the camera. My next goal is to get a smile with eyes open...which is pretty hard to get as they happen so fast ha!

We have also *I think* found and decided on a Day Care, and as luck has it, it is about 6 or 7 houses down from us on our street! Apparently it's been there for about two years now but they only recently put up a sign to say that they are certified and licensed. We met with the provider a few days ago and loved her. After all this time searching, I think we really lucked out with someone so close, and really reasonably priced. You can't beat being able to walk her down the street!

Emma has been really good this week despite all the noise in our house. As many of you know, we have been having water issues in our basement since last year. Finally, we hired a contractor to come fix the issue and they have been jack-hammering our basement floor for two days now. Somehow, the Lord managed to bless us with a baby that can sleep through anything! Too bad Mommy doesn't have that same ability! We now have a nice moat around our basement floor ha!

Oh and before I go, just one more picture to share....this is Emma "talking" to her animal friends that hang above her pack-n-play. So cute!

Okay...okay, one more because I can't resist. This one I titled "Big Girl Yawn". Ha!

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  1. I love all your updates. I'm glad that you guys are doing well with the Tiny Dancer. She has changed so much in the past few weeks.

    Also, I sent you an evite about getting together Monday for dinner. Although I sent it to your work account and I'm not sure you have access to that account while on Mat Leave. Email me if you want.


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