Back From Vacation!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hi Everyone! Emma has had quite the busy couple of weeks! We had a great visit with Gigi and Papa and then were off to Ocean City, Maryland with Mimi and Pop for a few days of vacation! We all had a great time and Emma was such a good little girl on her first ever vacation. She did really well over the past two weeks with changes in her routine, and having several different people feeding her and holding her, etc. She is definitely spoiled now with how much she was held over the past few weeks haha, so that should make for an interesting week when she is home alone with Mommy next week.

Here are her One Month pictures that we took. It started out like this with a nice and happy baby...

...but ended up like this with a very un-happy baby!

Emma did great in the car ride on the way to OC and also went right to sleep most nights in her Pack N Play in our room. She had her first ever trip to a pool, which we aren't sure she liked so much haha. It was really the first time she had been outside for a longer amount of time and although she was in the shade the entire time, it was pretty warm out and breezy, which I don't think she liked. I was thrilled though that she stuck it out and fell asleep so we got to relax by the pool for about an hour and a half.

I really wanted to see if she would like going in the water but once she fell asleep, I couldn't bring myself to dip her in the cold water and wake her up. So we will have to wait for her first swimming experience. We did however put her in her bathing suit for the first time and it was adorable! It is still a little bit big and baggy but it was too cute to resist.

The day before we headed home from OC, Mimi, Emma and I headed to some of the Shopping Outlets for some shopping for some warmer winter clothes for Emma. Once again, Emma slept through most of the festivities but came out with some super cute clothes that I can't wait to put her in! She is getting so big already!

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