Slept Through The Night Again!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I think we may be on to something here! I think it's been every night this week that Emma has slept through the night! That's my girl! Even after a long morning nap and an almost 4 hour afternoon nap at daycare yesterday she still slept until 5:00AM. She ended up going to bed a little later but was in her crib asleep by 9:00PM. My rule is that if she sleeps until 5:00AM or later, it's considered through the night. Ideally, it will get later and later as she gets older and gains more weight but I sure can't complain!!

Two and a half months old and sleeping through the night! Woo hoo!

Of course now that I just said that, she will probably wake up three times tonight to prove me wrong. :::knock on wood:::

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