When Mommy Is Bored...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

...she takes even more pictures of Tiny! Ha!

We headed down to southern Maryland this weekend to celebrate our niece's 11th Birthday (I still can'e believe she is 11 already). We had a great time and loved getting to see everyone since we missed them over the holidays. The drive down is a little over an hour and a half and we picked up Emma's great grandmother Nanny on the way, so Mommy sat in the back for most of the ride. About an hour into it, I got totally bored and noticed that I actually remembered to bring my camera this time! So...poor Emma, was subject to even more pictures yet again! Some actually turned out pretty cute!

Despite Emma not sleeping much on the ride down (gee...I couldn't imagine why haha) she was a pretty happy baby and had a great time playing with all of her big cousins!!

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