We Are Moving (Rolling) Now!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well, it only took about 7 months but I think we finally got the hang of rolling over for real! Ha! You may remember that Emma rolled over for the first time back in November (5 Months & Rolling!!) from her tummy to her back. Well, since then, she has done it very rarely as if she was saying to us "Umm hello! I did it a few months ago so you know I can do it, but that doesn't mean that I LIKE to do it!!" Haha! Since November, I may have actually watched her roll from her tummy to her back maybe 5 times, and never from her back to her tummy.

Well, I picked up Emma from daycare last Thursday (January 21st) and just like normal, I jokingly asked her in my ever so popular baby voice "Did we roll over today?" and one of her teachers replied with "Yup, she just did about 5 minutes ago!" Nothing thinking to much about it a said (again in my baby voice haha) "From your tummy to your back I assume." (Like I was expecting Emma to actually respond to me haha - good thing they are used to parents doing that all the time at daycare haha). Nope! From her back to her tummy!! I missed it!! DOH!! We asked her morning teacher the next day who had also missed it but low and behold, she did it once or twice again on Friday while at daycare.

By this time, Wes and I are just dying to see it for our own eyes (yes, that is the new excitement in our lives...normally rolling over, laughing and pooping are big topics of discussion now-a-days haha). Emma finally did it for Mommy and Daddy over the weekend and we were just brimming with pride! She even demonstrated her new found ability to roll over on Sunday night for Mimi and Pop! After a full day of playing with Mimi yesterday, she still had enough energy to roll from her back to her tummy, then about a minute later, she went tummy to back, then about thirty seconds after that, from her back to her tummy again! Of course after all that rolling she was exhausted and started crying because she couldn't get to her back again haha.

This morning at daycare she was a rolling all over the place! She went back to tummy and then again right back to her back no less then 8 or 9 times just in the 20 minutes that it took me to drop her off!! That's my girl!! I can't believe she is going to be 7 months old already tomorrow!!

This weekend Emma and I took a trip down to Chantilly, VA for a little get-together with some of my new found photography buddies! We met up at a local library to snap some pictures and learn from each other and it was a blast! We are already planning the next spring gathering! Here are a few pictures from the day. I can't take credit for any of them since I was mostly standing right by Emma as we are still a bit wobbly with the sitting up thing haha! I still have to download some of my pictures so there may be more to come (although these are probably better)!

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