Big Updates!!! What a Weekend!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wow, what a weekend Emma had!! Wes and I were expecting a LONG weekend because Emma's two front teeth are about to pop through any day now, which basically means she hasn't been very happy lately. We were hoping that they would pop through this weekend, but no such luck. We did however have several big things happen this weekend!

On Friday night, Wes was having a friend over to the house, so Emma and I thought it would be a great time to go visit her great grandmother Nanny (Kathryn - where Emma got her middle name from). She did really well for having an early bed time and had a great time playing at Nanny's. She even (finally) ate a good dinner which she had been fighting all week because of her teeth. Emma has been very interested and very determined to learn how to crawl this past week. As opposed to being content sitting and playing with toys, as soon as you sit her down, she leans forward over her left leg, puts her hands on the ground, and her right leg shoots out backwards so she can push off. Until Friday, she had never been able to get over that front leg to get into the crawling position. Well, as Nanny and I were eating dinner and Emma was playing at our feet, she again got into this position but got just enough "umpfh" to get over that front leg! Of course she went face first right into the carpet and didn't appreciate that at all, but that was our first milestone of the weekend!! Going from sitting up, to on her tummy all on her own!

The next morning was Emma's fourth swim class with her boyfriend Mr. Zach (who is going on vacation for two weeks so we won't see him unless we sign up for another class - I think Emma is already saving up her money so we can go again haha)! Emma slept in on Saturday morning until about 6:15 (THANK THE LORD) and took about a 45 minute nap before we even left for swimming. So needless to say, she was nice and rested and babbling the whole way in the car, where she normally falls asleep. Normally, the babbling consists of "va va va va va..." or "ba ba ba ba ba..." or "ma ma ma ma ma...". So I kept asking Emma if she could say "Mama". After a few responses that sounded like "mmappahme ameeev v vav amappap" she clearly said "mama"!! Now did she know what it meant, probably not, but that still counts in my book!! Needless to say, Wes doesn't think it counts but I sure do, so it's going in the baby book as her first word at 8 Months, 2 Weeks and 2 Days old!!

Later on Saturday we were at home playing and Emma was once again trying to figure out this whole crawling thing. Well, she got a lot closer! She realized that she had knees and could use them while she was on her tummy!! Haha! So she can now get up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth!! Life is about to get a lot more complicated haha! Needless to say, we started to baby proof this weekend a bit.

It doesn't even stop there! I think it was on Sunday, when the next big thing happened! After a bottle, I put Emma down on the floor and she immediately went onto her hands and knees and instead of rocking back and forth, she decided that where I put her was a good spot I guess, and she just tucked those little knees under her and sat right up on her rear end!!

So we can now (kind of) go from sitting to on her hands and knees, and then go in reverse from our hands and knees back to sitting! This on top of rocking back and forth getting ready to crawl and her first word made a rainy and gloomy weekend, pretty darn bright!

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