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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Well, since my last post didn't have any pictures, and because I am finding myself carrying my camera around more often now, I figured I would post a few now! Nothing fancy...just a few snap shots from the weekend and today.

This is what I like to call "proof that Mommy and Daddy need a new entertainment center with doors". Emma found all the goodies this weekend and decided that it was her new favorite place to explore. Despite what the photo shows....I do not let her play Grand Theft Auto. :)

"No honey, Team America World Police is not appropriate for you either."

I think even Daddy was convinced we need a new entertainment center when he found out Emma knows how to turn on his PlayStation!

I couldn't resist snapping this picture. By the time we are ready to leave for daycare in the mornings, Emma is getting sleepy again because she is used to falling asleep during the car ride. So needless to say, she is pretty subdued in the mornings normally. When we are all done getting dressed, we come downstairs and Emma watches a few minutes of TV to let Mommy and Daddy get their breakfast and lunch together (this was during the Imagination Movers). She just looked too cute in her jeans and t-shirt this morning, baby doll and all.

"Best Friends"

We had a minor emergency this afternoon...Shamus got a hold of "Quakers" and we aren't sure if he is going to pull through or not. This is how I found him...poor little Quakers.

Emma couldn't bare to watch Quakers get thrown in the laundry...

And yes...she now has a matching scratch on her face under her right eye. What a bruiser!

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