Emma's First Ouchie!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well, we hit another milestone today! Emma's first boo boo!

I got a call from daycare this afternoon that there was an accident. Emma was fine but her teacher was still extremely upset about what happened. Apparently, one of her teachers was holding her walking over to a chair and one of the other little ones had rolled in front of her feet. So her teacher didn't see her at first and in an attempt to avoid stepping on that little one, she fell forward while holding Emma. On the way down, although she did what she could, Emma caught the edge of the changing area (think kitchen counter) right on her face. Emma is perfectly fine now, but was pretty upset as you can imagine, but her teacher was completely distraught and even teared up again when I picked up Emma about an hour later because she felt so bad.

Although it was very scary and for that hour since I was imagining the absolute worse, I really liked how the whole thing was handled. Her teacher put both of the babies first 100% and I have no doubt that it could have been worse for both of them had she not done what she did. She was able to fall such that she didn't put any weight on the baby on the floor and although Emma hit the changing area, the teacher tried to cover her as much as possible. It's hard to explain but seeing how upset she was about what happened, hours later, and how she described everything that she tried to do, made me absolutely positive that she did what she could.

Emma's class is actually getting ready to move into the next room because some of the babies are getting more and more mobile (Emma still usually stays in one spot haha) and 3 are crawling. The "todfant" room which is their next step is more conducive to mobile babies so I would expect that to happen this month.

So of course I had to document Emma's first big boo-boo and about 50 pictures later, she had enough haha.

My poor baby...I almost burst into tears when seeing her for the first time. I am really hoping that some of the swelling goes down tonight, and things aren't more bruised in the morning.

I also had to post a few pictures that I took after her bath tonight. As I was getting her dressed, I realized that her PJs had almost the exact same polka-dot pattern as her changing pad cover. So I couldn't resist snapping a few shots of camouflage baby!!!

Can you tell where changing pad stops and baby starts?!?! :) She was laying perfectly flat as if to say "Maybe Mommy won't take my picture if she can't see me." Haha!

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