Dreaded Stomach Virus Has Attacked!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ugh!! What a crazy few days it has been since last Wednesday! My poor little baby had her first official run in with the dreaded stomach virus and it was a doozy! We have been incredibly lucky in the fact that Emma has yet to get one ear infection, but she sure has had her dose of other illnesses, including H1N1, RSV and this stomach virus.

I picked Emma up from daycare last Wednesday and everything seemed pretty normal that evening. She wasn't too interested in dinner that night, but that wasn't such a big deal because she is teething and (at that point) was working on cutting one of her front teeth. We went on a walk with Daddy and Shamus and kept our evening routine of a bath and bedtime around 7:00PM. She went right to bed without a fuss, and Wes and I continued our evening like normal. We woke up to her choking at about 11:45 that night. It's amazing how you can go from being in a deep sleep, to sprinting across the hallway in about 0.5 seconds flat. We sat her up and she seemed to be okay. Crossing our fingers that it was an isolated incident, we changed her and her sheets and went back to bed. Insert sprint across the house number two, about 15 minutes later. Then again about 30 minutes later, and again about 45 minutes later. I finally gave up around throw up number 5 or 6 at 4:15 in the morning, so we headed downstairs to start the "day". Poor Emma was miserable, she was white as a ghost and just wanted to snuggle and sleep in my arms. We tried a little formula for breakfast since she seemed hungry and that made another appearance at 6:30 that morning. So needless to say, Mommy stayed home and kept up the clear liquids and laundry all day.

Thursday night was a little different, in the fact that we only had to sprint across the hall twice that night, but again didn't get much sleep. Emma was still pretty miserable on Friday and not having many wet diapers (which is one of the first signs of dehydration) so first thing in the morning we were off to the Pediatricians office. Emma's regular doctor wasn't in the office so we saw Dr. K who is the Pediatrician for some of our friend's children. To make a long story short, she ruled out any ear infections and tested Emma for a urinary track infection. Because throwing up for two days straight, feeling miserable, cutting teeth and having a stranger look in her ears and throat weren't enough, my poor Tiny got a catheter. I really don't think they should ask the parents to hold down the child because I think both Wes and I were practically in tears after that visit.

Well, with no real answer, we headed home to keep up the liquids and watch her overnight. Finally, we made it through one night with no more vomiting! She was still pretty miserable all weekend, but there was a glimpse of our happy little baby on Sunday, thank goodness! That was until today when I got a call from daycare that she had thrown up all over one of her teachers, Ms. Holly! So we haven't quite kicked this virus yet, but hopefully we are on the mend.

So, even though I was out of work since Thursday, the weekend went by incredibly fast since we spent all of it in the house, cleaning, doing laundry and trying to comfort Emma. To top it all off, her first top tooth popped through on Thursday!! I think she is working on her other one now!! We skipped Emma's last swim lesson since she still wasn't feeling well on Saturday, but hopefully they will let us make it up.
Since Emma has been having a rough week, I decided to get started on her first Easter Basket. I still have a couple of little things that I want to pick up for her but here is what we have so far. The plastic eggs have yet to be filled with goodies!

Full of some of her favorite fruits....

A Hello Kitty-Bunny, new movie and toothbrush (to replace the toothbrush that was tainted by the stomach virus, ewwww...)

And a little piggy bath toy...

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  1. Poor thing! She's had a rough first year with illnesses... but thankfully she has wonderful parents to help her through it all :)


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