Monday, December 6, 2010

Today, Emma started in her new Toddler Room at daycare. It's what I imagine the first day of school to feel like, but on a smaller scale. Emma is now out of a crib, sleeping on a cot at school. Her new room even comes with a tiny bathroom for tiny little people. :) Because I know that I will never ever remember this when she is older, here is a quick look at Emma's schedule at 17 months old.
  • 6:30AM: Good Morning! Emma is relatively consistent when it comes to sleeping in the mornings but she can range anywhere from 6:30AM to sometimes 7:00AM on the weekends. She usually wakes up and has a sippy cup full of milk to hold her over until we get to daycare. By this time, Wes and I are usually just about ready for work, getting our food ready for the day as well as Emma's.
  • 7:00AM: Off to school! We are always shooting to leave the house by 6:45AM but that is just about impossible most of the time. :) By about 7:15AM, Emma is at school and eating her breakfast with friends.
  • 8:00AM - 12:00PM: Playtime! Everyday is different for Emma at school, so some days they go outside in the morning (only in the winter, in the spring, summer and fall they are outside everyday), they do crafts, they have a morning snack, you name it.
  • 12:30 - 2:00PM: Nap time. Now Emma always used to be the little one that would be waiting by the crib room door to take a nap but now that they are on cots, she hasn't been cooperating. :) Emma is a big talker...her vocabulary is well past an 18 month old as she is putting together 2 and 3 words consistently (from her pediatrician...not just mommy-bragging haha) and she just loves to talk. So she sits up in her cot and just talks to her teachers while all her friends are trying to sleep. So needless to say she pretty much wakes everyone up all the time haha.
  • 2:00PM - 5:00PM: More play time and an afternoon snack before I pick her up from daycare.
  • 6:00PM: Dinner time followed by her evening bath. More often then not she gets a bath every night at least Sunday through Thursday and whenever she needs it on the weekend. Its a good evening routine for her (more so than because she is dirty) and she loves it.
  • 6:30PM - 7:30PM: Playtime! Emma usually goes through her "grand finale" as we like to call it during this time, were she ends up having this little pocket of energy left that she has to burn off before bed.
  • 8:00PM: Bedtime! It depends on how she did with her nap that day but Emma rarely ever makes it past 8:00PM and she is usually happy to go to bed by this point.
Emma has certainly turned into a little toddler lately too. So much that (as you know) we bought a little Time Out mat to help nip some of those naughty behaviors in the bud before Jackson arrives (I love getting to call him by his name now)! We haven't had to use the timeout mat yet....well....except for Pluto apparently. :)

Emma thought that Pluto's behavior was unacceptable. So she put him in time out. :)

This past weekend we took Emma on her second ever trip to go cut down her Christmas Tree. It was pretty much in the 30's, sunny, but very windy so it was a quick trip but Emma seemed to have a good time. Here she is inspecting one of the trees with Daddy.

You can probably tell that most of the time she was off running around with her little toddler self because about 95% of the pictures I took are of the back of her head. :)

 On the way home, she was pooped! She definitely plays her little heart out and loves to be outside!

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