Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So even though Emma and Jackson's Christmas shopping is all done from Mommy and Daddy and Santa is taking care of everything else (along with filling up their stockings of course) it's incredibly hard to resist the holiday sales, especially when it comes to this store... 

Cost of Shipping & Handling for Emma & Jackson's new digs: $0.00

Cost of clothes currently sitting in Mommy's "shopping cart": $80.66

Potential cost of "shopping cart" if clothes were not on sale: $186.50

Being able to dress Emma & Jackson in clothes like this: Priceless

Side Note: Before I get yelled at by my mom for spending too much money on clothes, I wanted to note that there are numerous other clothing items in my 'shopping cart' for that amount of money, so the ones pictured above are just a sampling. :)

1 comment :

  1. Ahgg! It would be nice if you would quit shopping so I could quit returning items!


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