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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Despite things being a little crazy around our house lately, I decided to take a step back and re-prioritize a little. Things at work are still crazy and most days have been 12 hours or more, which isn't a big deal in itself. I used to think nothing of 50 - 60 hour work weeks (back in the day) but now that it's been taking time away from my babies and my family, it's a different story.

It is still very important to me to keep up the reputation that I have built over the past 10 years at work, so its been my choice to put in the extra hours, so I'm not complaining, I just had to figure something out on how to balance both. During the week, I only get to see Emma and Jackson for about an hour in the morning, and then about two to three hours at night since they both go to bed at 8:00PM. Since we changed from daycare to having a Nanny, the mornings have gone from one of the most hectic times of the day to one of my favorite times of the day. The kids stay in their jammies until the Nanny comes at 7:30AM, we no longer have to pack lunches, or shove breakfast in a bag on the go. So now, we get to get up, snuggle in bed for a few minutes, Emma watches her morning cartoons in our bed and Jackson gets up and I usually give him his bottle in our bed next to Emma. The kids hang out in our room while Wes and I get ready and most days, its actually really fun. Emma usually gets up to run around after a bit but loves to come in and "put makeup on" and brush her hair just like Mommy. A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

Oh yeah, back to the work thing. So instead of staying at work in the evenings to be able to get home at a decent time, I decide to leave work, no matter what, around 5:00PM to spend those 2 - 3 hours with my family. If I have more work to do, which is pretty much a guarantee lately, then it doesn't happen until after the babies are in bed. Sometimes I have to head back to work, sometimes I can do it from home. But I decided its not taking any more time away from the babies.

Last Friday we decided to celebrate the weekend with a little movie time at home. I have been wanting to take Emma to her first movie in the theatre because she LOVES movies, but we thought we would start at home with movie night first. We all snuggled up on the couch, got Emma her first ever bag of popcorn (which she ate the entire thing) and watched a little Rio. Although it only lasted for about 30 minutes before Emma got bored (she wasn't a big fan of the movie and all the popcorn was gone by that time) and Jackson was cranky because of teething, it was awesome and a great way to start off the weekend.

It was mandated that we all had to be in jammies before the movie could start. :)

I have been wanting to take my camera so I could update everyone on how Emma is doing at gymnastics but since you pretty much have to be glued to their side, it's hard to document the fun. :) I managed to take a few iPhone videos of the stretching routine (which is the most fun to watch haha) but haven't figure out how to get those on the blog yet.

Emma is doing great and has had a big improvement since day one. She is a pretty shy little girl so the first couple of weeks she wasn't a fan of having the coach help but she now loves the coaches. We even had a stand-in male coach one week and she was glued to his side. :) Her favorite thing is definitely the trampoline, which she talks about for days in advance. And without fail, it usually something like this "Tumbles! Tumbles! Trampoline! Wait your turn! Emma's turn! Not Jake's turn!" Hahaha.

We only have one more week of gymnastics left and Daddy hasn't gone yet so he is going to take Emma on her last week. I'm thinking we will bring Jackson along and maybe I can get a few pictures of Emma in action! Here she is posing after gymnastics with her BFF Jillian. :) Notice how Jillian is posing perfectly and smiling for the camera and Emma is off in la-la land? She got dirt on her hand and was very concerned about it. Haha!


Squishy is just as cute as ever. Emma may not pose for the camera very often anymore but Squishy sure hams-it-up. Both Wes and I went to University of Delaware (where we met) so it's only right that Squishy sports some collegic attire as well. We are thinking Quarterback for the Blue Hens in no time. :)

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