Squishy at 5 Months Old...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Age: 5 Months Old! Yikes! Time is flying!

Weight: A few weeks prior to Squishy's 5 month Birthday he was a little over 17 lbs. I wouldn't be surprised if he was 18 lbs by now because he seems to get bigger by the day.

Height: We haven't measured his height recently so I'm not sure about this one. He is heading to the pediatrician's office in a month for his 6 month check-up so we will find out then.

Size: Right now, he is in 6 month clothes, b.a.r.e.l.y. Carter's had a huge sale a few weeks ago so I bought him several 9 month outfits for the fall, but he just might be in those sooner rather than later.

Movement: I have a feeling that by our next monthly update, Squishy will be crawling. As soon as you lay him down, he flips over onto his belly and can move around the room already by rolling. He constantly spins himself around using his arms, and he is starting to pull his knees up under his belly more and more. He wants to keep up with his big sister so bad! If you put something out in front of him, he will find a way to get to it. It might take him a while, and he might move around in circles for 20 minutes first, but he will get there. :)

Teeth: Poor Squishy has been teething for what seems like two months now. The last month has been pretty rough on the little fella. We can see two little bottom teeth ready to poke through any day now and for Squishy's sake, I hope it's sooner rather than later. He seems to be having a much harder time than Emma did. Emma drooled for a couple of weeks and all the sudden she had two teeth. That was it. Poor Squishy is having a much harder time.

Sleeping: So far, it looks like we were blessed with another good sleeper! Squishy doesn't nap quiet as well as Emma did (at this point, she was taking two 3-4 hour naps a day) but he goes to bed right about 8:00PM and wakes up about 6:15AM or so. Most of the time, he drinks a bottle and then heads back to bed for another hour or so. During the day, he "normally" takes about an hour nap in the morning, then a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. Teething has altered his napping schedule a bit lately, but on his good days, he is a good sleeper for sure.

Eating: Ahhh yes. Squishy's favorite thing to do. :) He.is.an.eater. I think Emma was barely drinking 6 ounces when we were weaning her off of formula onto milk at one. Squishy has been drinking 6 ounces at each feeding for probably 2 - 3 months now. He has taken to baby food much quicker than Emma did too. He LOVES pears, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans and squash. He will tolerate prunes and peaches but is not a fan of peas or applesauce. He polishes off a container of food with his oatmeal cereal in no time flat. I'm thinking we are going to have to buy stage 2 soon, just so he can get some more food! He usually has a bottle when he wakes up around 6:15AM, breakfast of some fruit and cereal around 8:00AM followed by another 6 ounce bottle around 9:00AM. Then its nap time, followed by another 6 ounce bottle before his longer afternoon nap. Another 6 ouncer around 3:00PM or so, followed by dinner of a veggie and cereal around 5:30 or 6:00PM, then his final bottle before bed around 7:30PM. Then, he is down for the count!

Milestones: Rolling. Rolling. Rolling. Food. More Food. Rolling. Even More Food. We are still working on sitting up, but he doesn't seem to be too interested. Standing is another story because he loves to stand. I wouldn't be surprised if he learns to stand (holding on to something of course) before he learns to sit up. :)

Favorite Things: Squishy is finally old enough to really be able to start to play now. He loves pretty much any kind of toy to look at or that will fit in his mouth. He also loves to play with his big sister and tries to do anything that he can to get her attention. So far, she isn't too interested but he is just crying out for her attention. She can sneeze, from all the way across the room, and Squishy will let out the biggest belly laugh that he can. He is always trying to roll over to her and pretty much as soon as he get there and touches her, she screams "Fushy gave me an ouchie!!!" and runs over to Mommy. :) Squishy is also very much a snuggle-bug. He loves loves loves to snuggle and be held. When he sleeps, he sleeps in this tiny little ball and he loves to snuggle with stuffed animals. I don't know how long the snuggling will last since he is going to be up and running before we know it, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts. He is also very much in a Mommy mode lately. A lot of times when he is cranky or tired and fussing, and giving Daddy a hard time, he usually settles right down when I pick him up. He is getting to the point where he knows Mommy and Daddy, and he knows who isn't Mommy or Daddy. Squishy also LOVES being outside.

Dislikes: Peas, other than that, we don't have too many dislikes yet. He is pretty particular about his routine, so small adjustments can tend to throw him off.

Words: Not yet! Although he has certainly found his voice! He loves to happy-scream!

Personality: His personality is really starting to come out more and more. He really is a happy baby, much like his big sister. He loves to laugh, but has a temper! Shew! He knows what he likes, and certainly will not hold back in telling you. He is a lover for sure, and can easily light up the entire room with his bright smile and big belly laugh. He is a ham.

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