We Made It!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Despite a few scary moments here and there this weekend, we made it through Hurricane Irene mostly untouched. We luckily didn't have any real damage, just a few down branches and limbs in the backyard, along with two small leaks but we never lost power, so we were really lucky (I still can't believe we never lost power).

If there is one good thing that comes out of the hurricane, it's that it can give you time to do those things on your list that you never get a chance to do (at least depending on your power). So this weekend in between many hours of playtime, I was able to clean out kitchen cabinets and children's closets, and make Squishy some homemade sweet potatoes, carrots and zucchini to eat! I brought my camera downstairs to practice a little photography but haven't had a chance to download the pictures yet. The lighting was pretty terrible so not sure how they turned out yet, but much more to come on our hurricane weekend!

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