Dining Room Decisions...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Since we are closing in on finishing up our Master Bath updates, I've started to think more about what we want to do in the Dining Room since that is our next project. We already have a dark color painted (which we still like), but I really want to brighten the room up by adding chair-rail molding and something else. I know below the molding will be bright white, but I can't decide whether I want picture frame molding...or something a little more modern.

Choice #1: This is actually pretty close to the color that we have painted...

Choice #2: From Jenna Sue's Blog (which I am LOVING right now).

Right now I am leaning towards a combination of the two...which means the boards like in Choice #2, but lower on the wall, about the height of the molding in Choice #1.

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