Master Bathroom Reveal

Sunday, November 13, 2011

It only took us two months to "finish", but we got there. :) We still have a couple of things that we would still like to do in our master bathroom (new light fixtures and faucets, molding around the window) but with the toddler and todfant running rampant, we put those things on the back burner. Overall, I love the improvement, and with starting with what we did, it would be hard to NOT make it look better. We kept the cost pretty low and pretty much stuck with paint, caulk, cabinet restoration kit, cabinet hardware, mirrors ($27 each) and some new accessories. We actually have a ton of the cabinet restoration kit left, so we might just do the same in the kid's bathroom!

We headed to Lowe's to buy two separate mirrors and low and behold, the ones we loved that were the perfect size and color were on clearance! :: does happy dance ::: They only had one left, so we scooped up that baby and ended up buying the one on display after a close inspection. A couple of days later we finally got a chance to hang them and wouldn't you know, the one that was boxed up had a giant crack in the mirror! Argh. Luckily, we ended up buying the exact same mirrors that we bought a while ago for over our fireplace! Replacement mirror complete! So after a little swap-a-roo, we had our mirrors, took the broken one back to Lowe's and came home with an awesome clock for above our fireplace.

You can see more about how we did it (details about colors, using the restoration kit, etc) in Part One and Part Two. So here we go!

Reminder: Our before pictures are from the day we moved in six years ago. Although we had some accessories, not much had changed (no paint, same cabinets, etc). I'll be sure to take better before pictures for our next project!





Note: I was still deciding on if I liked the dark purple for accents so that's why the tags are still on.

And just because...two pictures of the babies. I couldn't resist snapping this one of my Emma Kathryn fast asleep. She sleeps just like her Mommy. :) Love. My baby is beautiful. Both inside and out.

And of course, the Squishy. He has been pulling himself up now for almost a month but does it constantly. He is on.the.move. He just figured out how to use the cabinets in the kitchen to pull up. Ack. He also knows how to stand up holding onto one of the kitchen table chairs, grab on the one next to him, and shimmy over. Squishy is getting more daring by the minute which just about gives me a heart attack on a daily basis. His new favorite thing to do is stand up, hold on with one hand, and lean back. Crikey. Manly. To the core.

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