"A lil' bit scared of da mask"

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

That was the phrase that Emma is continuing to say after her first night of Trick or Treating. :) We heard that no less than fifty times last night. :)

We had a great Halloween with the babies. Jackson was pretty cranky so stuffing him into his lion costume wasn't exactly easy but once we were outside in the stroller he was good to go. Emma on the other hand was ready for some candy! She did an awesome job! We had to avoid some of the house with some scary decorations but she actually went up to the house (with either Daddy, Gigi or myself), rang the doorbell herself, whispered "Trick or Treat" and then yelled "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" after getting her candy.

There was a little power ranger at one of the first houses we went to that we kept bumping into throughout the night. He was so cute, may 5 or 6, but Emma was not a fan of the mask. She kept running away crying but the little boy felt so bad, he would lift up his mask and wave. He was really sweet but poor Emma was "a lil' bit scared of da mask."

After each house that we went to, on the way back down the steps she kept saying "Oh! I like that house!'" or "Oh! I like that door." Give a toddler a piece of candy and they are yours for life. :)

Emma wasn't much of a fan of handing out candy since anyone in a mask was pretty scary to her. So for the remainder of the night, Dorothy sat quietly in her chair watching Halloween shows coveting the pink pumpkin full of candy. I took a couple of pictures throughout the night but wasn't able to get one of both Dorothy and the Lion together because of Cranky McCranky Pants, so we will have to pick another day to get them dressed up for a little photo-shoot. Emma didn't want to take off her costume last night, so that shouldn't be too hard for her. :)

For now...here is a quick phone picture of the Squishy Lion, once we were back at home eating dinner...

He is such a flirt.

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