You Know You're A Mama When...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You clean out your giant purse, and among the other 1,284 things in there you find...

  1. A light-up snowman
  2. Seven pretezl goldfish
  3. Receipts from Patient First
  4. Receipts from Costco that have nothing but formula, diapers and wipes on them. 
  5. Tylenol. Lots of Tylenol.
  6. Three girly hair-bows
  7. Two pacifiers
  8. Two diapers
  9. Pack of wipes
  10. Hand sanitizer. Lots of hand sanitizer.
  11. A Tigger and Pooh toothbrush
  12. Puffs

1 comment :

  1. I love the light-up snowman! So cute! Yes, a mom's purse is a big giant mess. A girl that I knew actually carried a first aid kit as well, which is a great idea, but where do we put the wallet and cell phone after everything else.


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