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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shew! It's been a crazy few weeks filled with holiday fun, a toddler who is getting bored, a fast and furious Squishy who came down with a virus two days before Thanksgiving, Christmas decorating, magic elves named "Santa" that fly home to the REAL Santa everynight, first words from the tyranical todfant, Christmas card photo-shoots, and soon to be swim class. So needless to say, I have about ten different blog posts started, and obviously not finished, on lots of things like a list of everything I don't want to forget about my babies while they are young, how I'm doing with the PPD/PPA, new years resolutions for 2012 and more. But all of that was put on the back burner for a bit so I could enjoy some holiday time with my family.

Here is a quick update though with some recent pictures of the little monsters babies.

I don't know what it is about the Christmas Card pictures that stress me out so much (part of it I thin is the anxiety) but I tried (and FAILED) to get some good pictures of the babies for our card this year. I came to find out very quickly that getting a good picture of Squishy is near impossible so I'll have to try again this weekend when I can call in some reinforcements. After bath time, and getting in a cute outfit and having the little guy do nothing but move and crawl and climb and knock stuff over, I gave up. I put him in some comfy clothes and let him play with a bow. This is what happened...

I know. Adorable.

I tried something a little more involved with Emma Kathryn and out of about fifty pictures, I got one usable one. Doh! Clearly I need to work on the photography skills. There are still several parts of this picture that bug me, but at least I got ONE semi-decent picture out of a weekend full of photography frustration.

Here is what the set up looked like before the picture. This was my first shot at taking a "Twinkle Light" picture so I have several lessons learned for next time. I'm not even going to try this with little Squishy seeing that in no time flat he will be ripping down the lights and chomping on them. Pooh Bear was a great subject. Maybe I'll put him on our Christmas card this year. This was actually in Emma's room along the wall where her crib normally is. I bought some super cheap lights, taped them to the wall (next time NOT using blue painters tape...photoshop nightmare). The light was coming in from the left side where Emma's windows are so that wasn't the best, but I tried to help with my speedlite which I don't really know how to use properly yet.

And if you are wondering...yes...Emma is dressed in her Christmas dress from last year because she is tiny and her size 12 month dress still fits. :)

And just because the naughty little one wouldn't sit for any type of set-up picture, I snapped a few more later during play time and still had to post this one. We are incredibly blessed with two happy babies.

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  1. I LOVE the pictures of your kids! We had a very similar struggle here about our Christmas card. It was such an epic failure that I decided to use a picture from EASTER (haha) and then a few other individual pictures to just get it done. Ugh! I admire (and am quite jealous) :) of your success! ;)


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