2012 Goals (Part 2): Getting Started

Thursday, January 12, 2012

So being the over-achieving, perfection-seeking, crazy, to-do list loving, person that I am, I went a little bonkers and created way too many 2012 Goals. Doh! After I did that, I sat back and wondered A) why in the world I did that to myself, B) how in the world was I going to keep track of it all and C) why in the world I did that to myself. The answers to A and C were pretty easy, because I'm nuts and have this need for perceived perfectionism. But we've been there and done that, so I started to think more about B.

At work, I LIVE by Microsoft Outlook. Whether it's from requests coming into my Inbox, or telling those little meeting reminders popping up to tell me where I need to be and when. Take today for example. I had a meeting from 9 - 10, which conflicted with my 9:30 meeting, a 10 - 11 meeting, and 11:30 to 12:30 meeting, which conflicted with my 12 - 1 meeting, a 1 - 2 meeting, and ended with a whopper, 2 - 4 meeting. Without those little reminders, I would not only be late for pretty much everything, I would also miss stuff completely.

::: reminder bings to get back to the point of this post :::

So, what better way to start off my 2012 Goals Extravaganza then with a new calendar dedicated to just that! I whipped up a little calendar using an online template and started breaking down each of my goals little by little. For the longer term goals, I added a few reminders sprinkled in throughout the year because lets not kid ourselves, I'm going to lose track.

Here's a little snap-shot of what's supposed to happen in January. I colored the first week's activities green because I actually did them! Woo hoo! 2 down, 4,587 to go!

I tried to be as smart about it as I could, and factored in the two crazy little monsters babies at home. For example, I only included Project Simplify activities for the weekends, and added those in the middle of the month to allow for some extra time in case I don't get to finish in a weekend.

We will see how it goes, but I think this is a good start!! Tomorrow's the start to my 2012 Brain Dump and another budget update, then is Project Simplify Hot Spot #1 this weekend!!

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