The Uppers & Downers of Parenting

Friday, January 13, 2012

So my Dad forwarded me this email the other day, with a link to an article posted by my new favorite person, Amber Dusick. She has here own blog, Parenting, Illustrated with Crappy Pictures, which you have to check out. Warning though, she uses some profanity here and there so be prepared. :)

I almost died laughing when I read the article that she posted in The Huffington Post, so I wondered over to her blog and it got even better. The article/blog post she wrote, was about The Uppers & Downers of Parenting. Check out her blog for the whole thing, but here is a little snap-shot...


Kids wake-up with energy. Kids wake-up with loudness.

Kids wake-up early.

No I will not play with you. Go away. I need coffee. After coffee:

And then there is the evening. Sometimes, after an especially rough day, I'm stressed out at night.
Everything sets me on edge. I'm a bundle of nervous thoughts.
But then my husband hands me a glass of wine. After wine:

Coffee and wine. My unsung parenting tools.


It's like she lives in our house.

If you liked that, you have to check out her post about Maximum Cuteness, oh, and Elephant Poop. That one had me laughing outloud.

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