New Year's Weekend

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We had a great New Year's weekend, and got to get ourselves (mostly) back together after the holiday. Emma LOVES to shop so she and Mama headed to the local mall for some special alone time while Daddy and Squishy chilled at home. The day was perfect, at least until Emma spotted that dreaded Giant Cow again! DOH! There was this really sweet couple walking in front of us when we were heading to the food court and Emma was set on some chicken and french fries for lunch, that was until we got closer to Chick-fil-a and saw the infamous cow. The man in the couple in front of us was really nice and could tell Emma was getting scared, so he offered to protect her. He ran up to "Giant Cow" and then gave him a big hug to show Emma that he was nice! Well, that plan backfired and Emma thought she was going to have to give him a big hug and then it was all downhill from there.

Emma freaked out. Keep in mind we were still standing about thirty feet away from the Giant Cow. Emma was frozen solid in fear, and she even started shaking. I scooped her up and we ran passed the Giant Cow and needless to say, Emma had a turkey wrap and some fruit for lunch, instead of her chicken and french fries. :) She didn't stop scanning the food court for the rest of the time we were there and would only talk about how she "...was a little bit scared to snuggle the Giant Cow. Just like at the movies." Later that weekend we headed off to an even more special girls-only shopping trip with Mimi in Annapolis and the whole drive there, Emma talked about how "there are no Giant Cows in Annapolis." Well, other than when she was pointing out whether it was a man or a lady driving in the cars next to us.

The day before The Great Giant Cow Incident of 2012, I stopped at Michael's on my way home from work to take advantage of their 40% off frame sale. I had been wanting to do something on the walls of the kids playroom but couldn't decide what I wanted to do. I finally came across some cool inspiration pictures so I decided to make a little picture wall for the babies! Granted, most of the pictures are old, and our family picture was from when Emma turned one, but for now, it's a good placeholder until we get a new one.

I had a couple of pictures printed at Costco and then created a couple other signs to frame (which I got printed at Fedex) and it turned out great! I created slides in PowerPoint from an inspiration picture I found online and updated them to make it a little personal (i.e. added some of Emma's sayings, added a line from our wedding song, etc). Here is a close up of one of them....

While I was at it, I printed a little something for The Squishy's room too. Emma had made him a couple of pictures before he was born and I still have those hanging, just took one of his existing frames down and hung this. It actually looks awesome framed and hanging on his wall. He is definitely my little sunshine.

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