Giant Cows, New Boots & Bed Head

Monday, September 12, 2011

Every Saturday night, for the month of September, a local park puts on the free movies in the evenings. It actually gets packed, but its really fun! We ended up only going once last year because it was a little tricky with Emma still being pretty young and although she loved movies, she didn't quite have the attention span to see through a whole one yet. Well this year we are on! Sans Jackson though because he now falls asleep and D.E.M.A.N.D.S. to be put in his crib by 7:00PM (the movies start at 8:00). 

So Emma and I ventured off two weekends ago for the first movie of the season which was Tangled. Even though it was her bedtime, Emma did fantastic and watched the entire movie, only to have Mommy finally drag her home at 10:00 at night. 

The one hiccup of the night was the now infamous, "Giant Cow". 

Before the movie, there were people making balloon animals, prize drawings and apparently, one "Giant Cow". Okay, so in reality, it was only the Chick-fil-a cow but Emma 

And by, I mean deathly scared of the "Giant Cow".  

The "Giant Cow" was only around for about 10 minutes before the movie started, and didn't actually come close to us at all. But once Emma locked eyes on that thing, she didn't let him out of her sight! Even after the cow left, for a good 45 minutes, Emma was still looking for it saying "Giant Cow!! Dancing!! I really scared Mommy. Giant cow scary!! Giant cow go home." It took be about 25 minutes to peel her off my lap (okay...I was actually loving every second) and to this day, she still talks about the giant cow.

I was thinking that once the free popcorn got passed around all would be good again in the world and the Giant Cow would be long gone. I was mistaken. We still play the "Chase the Giant Cow" game around the house everyday, where we sprint from room to room scaring away the Giant Cow.

I'm pretty sure Emma is scarred for life and she also wasn't too thrilled of Mommy's idea of dressing up like a cow for Halloween. :) Eat more chicken.

Total change in topic here, but I couldn't resist taking and then posting this picture of Emma. Now, I'm pretty sure that she is the most beautiful child on earth, but there are days where she is Ha! This picture was from this morning, as she was chillaxin in Mommy and Daddy's bed watching some shows as we got ready for work. I happened to pick up a couple pairs of new shoes for her yesterday, one of which was a little pair of boots for the winter. She refuses to take them off. :) So here she is, at 6:30AM, milk in hand, out of control bed head, oh...and with her hand stuck in a pumpkin gourd that her Gigi made her. :)

But check out that smile...

::: heart melts :::

Proof, that she actually cleans up nice. :)

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