The Weans & The Squishy

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm not really surprised with most of the nicknames that we have come up with for Emma and Jackson, given that one of my nicknames when I was young was "Pickle Chip".

No need to try and adjust your monitor or perform spellcheck.

That's right.

Pickle Chip.

I though I would document some of the nicknames that we use for the babies because I know I will forget where they came from down the road. And given the nicknames, they aren't very obvious.

Emma Kathryn:

Main Nickname: "Weans"

Main Nickname Origin: Emma was born at a whopping 5 lbs 12 ounces, so you can imagine how small she was. So we started calling her Teeny Tiny. That was eventually shortened to Tiny which seemed to stick for a few weeks. Tiny, is also the nickname of my niece, Dana. So it went from Tiny, to Teeny Weenie. Just like before, that got shortened as well, but we didn't really think that was appropriate. :) Ergo, Weans.

Additional acceptable nicknames for The Weans include Bunny, Bun Bear, Wee-Bear, Pretty Pretty Princess, Em, EKO and Naughty. :)

Vintage Emma Kathryn (AKA "Weans")

Jackson Douglas:

Main Nickname: Squishy

Main Nickname Origin: Finding Nemo. This was Emma's favorite movie when Jackson was born, so we watched it no less than 10 times a week, which continued for the first couple of weeks when Jackson came home. There is a part in the movie where Dory and Marlin meet a little baby Jellyfish, and Dory names it Squishy. It just seemed to fit, and has stuck ever since.

Additional acceptable nicknames for The Squishy include Fooshy, Hambone, Chunk, Manliness, Man-zes, Saca-da-Squish and Senor Poopy-Pants. :)

Vintage Jackson Douglas (AKA "Squishy")

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