A Big Week for The Babies!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's been a big week for both the babies! This past weekend, we decided to give Emma her first "Big Girl Bed", which is really just her crib with the front rail taken off. She was so excited the day we did it, that she was literally bouncing all the walls (running from one wall in her room to the other squealing in delight). So far, I don't think she realizes that she can get down herself, and we aren't forwarding that memo anytime soon. She will climb up in bed on her own, but still waits for us to come get her out in the morning. It's been a big success so far though!

The first night we had three wake ups. Wake up #1 was when Pooh Bear fell off her big girl bed, and she didn't know how or didn't know that she could get him herself. Wake up #2 was when she fell out and didn't know she could climb back in. Wake up #3 was when Pink Bear fell out. :) Since then, we have only had one other wake up (Pink Bear fell out again) and that has been it! We are still very lucky that Emma still loves her sleep, so she hasn't been getting out of bed, or fighting nap time even with a big girl bed. I'm sure its coming, so I'm just enjoying it while it lasts.

Jackson on the other hand, has FINALLY had his first tooth pop through! Its one of his bottom teeth but we have been waiting for that little baby to pop through for months now! He is also a pro now at eating puffs and plain Cheerios! Must be that new tooth. :)

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  1. Love these pics!! Dylan still thinks he cant get out of bed either!! And we DEFINITELY arent telling him any time soon. We make this big deal when we take him out of the bed, lifting him high up... so far its working! :)


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