Hurricane Irene (Part 2)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So after painting (both pretend and real), making faces at Mommy while she is taking pictures, 457 games of Hide-and-Seek and learning to then give Mommy a break and go take a nap. During that time, Mommy gets to make some homemade baby food! It's so easy (and much cheaper), you apparently just need to have a hurricane come so you have enough time to actually make it. :)

You then wake up after a short nap and give Mommy the ooogly eyes that she can't resist so she then breaks the camera back out of the bag.

That's exactly when you begin to drool on the floor again, so it's impossible for Mommy to get a picture of you without the string of drool attached from your chin to the floor.

While you are waiting for your sister to fully wake up from her nap so you can annoy snuggle her, you decided to annoy play with Shamie.

You then force your hand in Shamie's mouth, stick your fingers up his nose, poke him in the eye and then pull his ears. All of which you think is absolutely hilarious.

::: Disclaimer: No Shamie's were harmed in the taking of this picture ::::

When Shamie responds with a swift lick of the face, it takes a minute for you to snap out of it and figure out what just happened.

At some point, you drag your little rocking chair across the house and watch some shows. It's very important that you remain in your jammies for long periods of time as well.

You then give your homemade zucchini a try and despite first glances... end up loving it and almost eating an entire zucchini.

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