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Monday, September 26, 2011

Maybe it was the call to the bank which made me realize like millions of others out there, that we are going to be in our home for a while, or maybe it is the dreary weather outside or just the fact that I get bored really easily. :) Whatever it is, we need some change in our home. So I just created a little Home Projects Page, in the hopes that it will keep me motivated to get some things done. It doesn't have much in there now, but hopefully it will soon!

We bought our house in 2005 and had always planned to make this our starter home for only a couple of years. We figured this would be the house we would bring home our first baby, but that in 5 - 7 years we would be looking for something bigger, with better schools, etc to really settled down in. So because of that, we haven't done a whole lot with the house, other than some random things but I think we are finally giving in that we are going to be here for a little while, so we might as well make the best of it.

I've been on the search for some inspiration and here are a few of my recent favorites. The babies rooms are probably the best looking rooms in our house (at least I think so), so other than maybe updating some artwork, those will probably hang for a bit. We haven't actually touched our master bedroom or bathroom since day one, so that's pretty much the most boring place in the house, and one of the first stops on project "Uh Oh. We're stuck. We might as well enjoy it while we are here." Here are some pictures that have inspired a few fall and winter projects....


  1. I really love the inspirational rooms that you have posted. My favorite is "You are my sunshine" sign. I have been singing this song to my daughter since she was in my belly. I made the same thing for her room but it was a print that I put in a frame.

  2. Thanks Megan! I've been saving a bunch of pictures from your blog for inspiration too! :) I was just about to post about how I'm not creative enough to paint that little sign so I made it in PowerPoint and am just going to print it out and frame it too. Great minds think alike!


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