The Great Debate of 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Even though Emma Kathryn is only two years old, she has actually had four Halloween costumes. I can't help it! Each year I find two that I love and can't ever decide. I was actually hoping this year that Squishy could sport Emma's first Halloween costume (pumpkin) but seeing the he is growing like a weed, I'm pretty sure there is no way he is going to fit into a six month costume two months from now. But, that's a great excuse to go looking around for new costumes!

For Emma's first Halloween...she rocked a pumpkin and pink poodle costume.

For Emma's second Halloween, she was the cutest Minnie Mouse on earth, followed up by a fairy princess.

So the great debate now is if we go with "separate" costumes where Emma can pick out whatever she wants and Jackson is whatever Mommy picks, or do they coordinate? Tigger and Pooh? Ketchup and a Hot Dog? Angel and little Devil? Smurfs? Animals? Crayons?

So many choices! So little time!

One thing Emma hopefully won't be rocking this year is the two giant bruises and bumps on her forehead like last year. Knock on wood (which is ironic because that's how she got the bruises and bumps in the first place...from knocking her forehead on a wooden boat)!

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