"Where's Giant Cow Mommy?"

Monday, September 19, 2011

It was a crazy busy weekend with lots of errands to run so it was divide and conquer most of the time.
"So...I'll go here and take Emma first, then when I get back I'll watch the kids so you can cut the grass. When Emma naps, I'll take Squishy here while you do this...etc. Then I'll have to go to Costco alone because I can't fit two boxes of diapers and wipes if any kids are in the cart. Tomorrow, after you and Emma go to the grocery store, I'll take her the mall, then Squishy and I will go to Carter's because he has grown out all of his clothes."
Squishy and I headed to my parent's new house on Saturday to help them move in and since he had just had a rough night after getting all of his 6 month shots (which gave him a raging 103.9 fever) he needed to be with Mommy that day. There is no one that can make him laugh like his Daddy can, but if he is tired or doesn't feel good, he wants his Mommy (which I secretly love). But, that meant that I didn't see Emma much that afternoon, so after we got home, Emma and Mommy headed out for our second free movie at the park.

You may remember the giant cow incident from two weeks ago...well, that is still a hot topic of discussion in the household. Emma talked about the "Giant Cow" for h.o.u.r.s before the movie and during the ride there. Of course he was there again.

Emma was all excited (surprisingly) to see the Chick-fil-a cow again...until he got closer. In which she started screaming (and I do mean screaming) "NO GIANT COW!! NO GET MY MILK GIANT COW!! MOMMY MOMMY!! GIANT COW GETTING US!!! I REALLY SCARED MOMMY!!"

Luckily, the giant cow was on his way out, but no less than 30 seconds after the screaming, she plopped down on the blanket, and wanted to know where the giant cow went because "I miss Giant Cow! I love giant cow!"

It is really starting to get chilly here at night, but that's actually part of the fun of heading to the movies in the park. We got our free popcorn almost immediately, got set up in our chair and snuggled in for Toy Story 3. Emma had gone out to lunch with Daddy that day and ate a TON of lunch, which meant no dinner, which meant she was hungry by the time we got to the movie. I always pack a snack for her but within about 45 minutes she had gone through fruit, a pack of crackers, a cookie from the little boy next to us, and an entire bag of popcorn. Yup...nutritional I know.

I don't tend to bring my DSLR to the park since I usually have my hands full with Emma and all the "stuff", but I had to take a few shots of her with my phone because she is just so darn cute! We were all snuggled under the blanket, sharing while Emma at all the popcorn and it was the perfect night.

And yes, I am fully aware that I look like hell. :) Squishy had been getting up about every two hours the night before and not happy because of his fever and shots. The only way we could get him to sleep was if I let him sleep on me. Add in a day out of his routine where he took two 20 minute naps and you get one tired baby and Mommy.

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