Hurricane Irene (Part 1)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Last weekend, (you know, the weekend right after the earthquake...crikey), we spent inside waiting out the wrath of Hurricane Irene. We were really lucky throughout the whole thing with no damage, just two small leaks and we (unlike thousands) were lucky enough to keep our power. Although we were prepared for a few days with no power, we go really lucky.

I was a little nervous on how the weekend would go with two little ones stuck in the house all weekend (and obviously scared of what the hurricane would bring), but it turns out our little ones did great. So...what do you do in the house all weekend with a hurricane looming? Well....after all of the laundry is done, water is purchased, house is cleaned and everything is's what you do...

Disclaimer: These pictures are all pretty terrible quality photography wise...the lighting due to Irene was pretty bad and I keep trying to practice on manual mode so I didn't switch it to auto...maybe I should have. Ack.

You stick with napping as close as possible to routine so you don't go crazy. And yes, this also means sticking to the one and only position that you ever sleep in.

You play with your Shamie while wearing last year's Easter dress because you snatched it out of Mommy's hands while she was cleaning out your closet, even if the dress is only big enough to be a shirt at this point.

You then contemplate what water-color masterpiece you are going to pretend to paint on the front door next. Either that or you stick your paint brush up your nose while Mommy isn't looking.

Then you play with your Shamie some more and get lots of kisses while clinging tight to your paint brush.

You then make funny faces at the camera to make sure it's near impossible for Mommy to get a good picture of you and your sibling at the same time. Oh, and don't forget to demand to keep wearing last year's Easter dress.

You then either stick out your tongue at Mommy or you continue to drool on the floor.

Then, you decide that its a good time to snuggle. ::: heart breaks :::

Then you decide that you have had enough of snuggling, and it's time to tackle your baby brother.

Then, instead of pretend actually do some painting.

Then, you play hide and seek. A.L.O.T.

When it's your turn to "seek", don't forget to hide your eyes and count!!

But when no one is looking, go ahead and take a peek to get a leg up on the competition.

Once hide and seek is then practice crawling even though you are only 5 months old and Mommy is no where ready to have a mobile infant again.

To be continued.....

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