Where There's A Squishy, There's A Way

Friday, September 30, 2011

There is a pretty big difference between Squishy at 6 months old and Emma at 6 months old and the biggest differences are Squishy's level of determination and desire to be on.the.go. Emma was as cool as a cucumber at this age, didn't have any desire to crawl and would just sit in your arms for hours if you let her. Squishy on the other hand wants to be on the move, at all times. He will fight to get into your arms, and then immediately see something that he wants to bite play with and fight with all his might to get down. You can see how much determination this little guy has already. You can literally see it in his face.

"You're mine ball..."

This is either Squishy telling the ball "It's only a matter of time...", or he is pooping. It could go either way. :)

Ahhh! The sweet taste of victory! Where victory apparently tastes like a dog toy...

I don't know what it is about the dog toys that Squishy is so drawn too, it's like they are laced with the baby version of cat-nip. In our family room, we have one basket FULL of Squishy's toys, and one basket that holds Shamie's toys. Despite the number of baby toys surrounding Squishy, and despite the fact that when he is in the middle of the floor, the two baskets are just as close...he ALWAYS goes for the dog toys. Even when we switch the sides where the baskets are.


Below is a close up of the "determination and/or pooping face" picture from above and the perfect example to take a minute to point out Squishy's Mohawk. I have been trying to get a good picture of the back of his head to show off the little manly's "afterburners" which are the cause of his little manly Mohawk but haven't had much luck yet.

On the top of the back of Jackson's head, his hair actually grows in two little circles, pointing towards each other, so no matter what, his hair on the top of his head gets this tiny little Mohawk. We refer to his hair circles as his afterburners.

Squishy uses his afterburners when he needs to kick into Ludicrous Speed...and if you don't know what Ludicrous Speed is...go watch the best movie on earth...Spaceballs. :)

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