Things I Don't Want to Forget...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The way Squishy lays on his belly and taps his little manly feet in the bathtub while he plays.

How you know when Emma is going #2 because she runs out of the room and yells "I'M OKAY!"

The way that Squishy randomly tucks his head into your neck when you are holding him to get a little five second snuggle, as if to say, Mama, I love you, and then go on about his business.

The sound of both my babies laughter when it's bath time and when all they want to do is crawl around and chase each other in their Birthday Suits. :)

The little things that Emma says everyday that make us laugh. Like when she drops something and then says "Whoa, that's weird." or "I want my Pink Bear babe!" or "Mama! Squishy's trying to get my pancakes! That's ridiculous!"

The little things that Emma says everyday that makes your heart melt, like when she says bless you after you sneeze, or your welcome, or if you give her a bite of your sandwich and she runs away yelling "Thank You Mommy!! I love you!!" Or when you are standing right next to her and she looks up and you and says "Mama, I miss you too much." even if you have been with her all day.

The amount of personality that is jam-packed into these two tiny packages. :)

The fact that no one can make Jackson laugh, like his big sister can.

How incredibly smart my baby girl is.

How Emma loves to sing, but doesn't know all the words to the songs so she makes them up as she goes.

How incredibly manly "The Squishy" is.

The nights like this one, where we decorated the Christmas tree and made "Gingies" (Gingerbread cookies). Or the nights where the dinner dishes stay dirty in the sink, the laundry remains piled up on the floor, the work laptops stay off and we do nothing but try to keep balloons from falling and touching the ground with our feet.

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