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Friday, January 21, 2011

A combination of the two ideas that we had before!!

You will have to use your imagination here a little bit and disregard my lack of picture editing abilities but we decided to go with the light blue with all white strips for Jackson's room, but keep the little punch of color with some dark blue navy curtains. Jackson's furniture is also black, not espresso like in the picture.

Hopefully we will have some progress pictures to upload after this weekend. So far all of our guest room furniture and "stuff" is broken down and cleared out, the bottom portion of the chair rail is painted white (although the chair rail isn't up yet), curtains are purchased, dresser is up and put together, crib is in hand and ready to be assembled, mattress and sheets are purchased and in hand, and the closet is starting to fill up with some adorable little manly outfits. I also started picking up some of the smaller things here and there like some more bibs, another diaper genie (for ease of changing diapers in two different rooms), changing pad cover, etc.  I would also like to get a little modular organization/storage system like Emma has in her room because we use that on a daily basis and it is perfect for keeping track of those little tiny bath towels, wash cloths, burp cloths, shoes, diapers, wipes, blankets and more! It's also the perfect spot and adds some more room to hold things like humidifiers and CD players (Emma still listens to her music when falling asleep at night and during naps, so this is a must)!

One of the great things about having two little ones under two is that we get to reuse a lot of Emma's stuff!! So her changing pad will now be Jackson's, as well as her rocker in her room since we don't really use that anymore (except to throw clean clothes on when Mommy is putting laundry away and Emma is trying to throw it all on the floor). :)

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