Emma & Her Pop

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Emma has so far, been a pretty shy baby when it comes to any older men that aren't her daddy, including both of her grandfathers and uncles. Once and a while she will be drawn to a certain man (sorry honey, it's starting early) but for the most part, she is pretty consistent with her fear of older men.

In most cases, Mommy and Daddy are perfectly fine with this and hope that it continues until she is at least 30 years old (haha) but when it comes to people like her Pop who has been trying so hard since the day she was born to have a good relationship and have her get to know him, it's been heartbreaking to watch Pop try so hard, only to have Emma run for cover.

Granted, I think for the past few months it has become a game more than anything, but would rarely let Pop hold her or play with her and basically get within a 3 foot bubble around her.

But all that changed overnight.

Mimi and Pop offered to babysit Emma one day over the holiday break so Mommy could work and Daddy could get some painting done in Jackson's room. Pretty much from the minute they arrived, Emma was GLUED to her Pop's side. From what I hear, Pop didn't get a break all day and even when I got to the house that night, she barely wanted anything to do with me, she just wanted her Pop. She wanted to play with him, she wanted to snuggle with him, she followed him around the entire house and even "helped" build a fire with Pop (and by "helped" I mean made a giant mess with the Newspaper while standing about 5 feet away from the fireplace haha).

Poor Pop though had a long night the night before as Mimi and Pop hosted a little holiday party for some friends and clearly had a great time haha. So needless to say, Pop was a little pooped the next day but that just led to pictures as cute as this one...

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