Christmas 2010 Recap

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We had a great Christmas this year (well, I suppose technically it was last year since it's taken me a week or two to actually post about our holiday)! Although Christmas was great, we have had a crazy couple of weeks following the holiday but are finally starting to settle down (at least I hope so)! Our poor dog Shamus, who is no doubt Emma's best friend, had to go in for surgery earlier this week to have a bone removed from his elbow. He actually got hurt on Christmas Eve but our vet was trying to leave surgery as the last option. But, since this post is about Christmas, I'll just wrap up and say that its been a crazy few weeks following Christmas but we are back on our way to normal life (or at least however normal it can be with a toddler, two pets and a baby on the way)!

This year, Emma started out the Christmas holiday with a new love, candy canes! I wonder if it  has anything to do with how many I ate when I was pregnant with her! Christmas 2008 was during prime morning sickness time as I was just about 8 weeks pregnant and what actually really helped was sucking on a candy cane, especially when I was in the car! To this day I can barely look at them but Emma sure has a different opinion! And no, we don't let her bite them or give her much at all, she takes a few licks of Daddy's candy cane and that's about it!

We spent a quiet Christmas Eve at our home with Mimi, Pop, Nanny and Uncle Andy and had a great time! We had some good food (thanks to the hubby) and just hung out and relaxed for the evening. One of Emma's gifts from Mimi and Pop was this cute little cottage! Since it was too big to wrap (even in the box) we decided to set it up and give it to Emma on Christmas Eve so Mimi and Pop could see her reaction. She loved it and still does!!

After heading to bed, Santa of course stopped by our house and added a few extra gifts under the tree and stuffed our stockings full of goodies! He even stuffed Jackson's stocking!!

Emma woke up a little before 7:00AM on Christmas morning and came downstairs to find lots of goodies! Her big present from Santa was a new kitchen set!! She loves playing in her kitchen (especially now that it is sitting in our kitchen) and she "cooks" all the time. It's actually pretty funny to open the little refrigerator because you never know what the little stinker hid in there!

Apparently, I didn't learn my lesson from 2009 and once again got stuck behind the camera for most of the morning so I don't actually have one picture of me and my baby on Christmas Day! ACK! Well, we at least have a few of Daddy and Emma together opening presents!

Ummm....cuteness overload.

Need I say more?

Emma also got a new booster seat to replace her highchair from her Gigi and Papa!! She is such a big girl now!!

Emma got lots of goodies this year (and so did Mommy and Daddy) and if I tried to name them all I would certainly miss a ton!

Both Emma and Jackson scored some sweet new outfits this year!!

After our quiet Christmas morning at home, we headed over to Mimi and Pop's to celebrate with Emma's east coast cousins and had a great time along with some great food. There is a ton of stuff that I am missing, and maybe one day I'll come back and try to recap some more but frankly, I'm exhausted!!

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