Brain Dump Update & Weekend Goals!

Friday, January 21, 2011

I never really expected the Brain Dump to be as popular as it was (I got several emails and comments about it) but I was really excited to see that other people found it helpful as well!! Although I can't say that since I have done the Brain Dump I have never had a bad night of sleep, and I am sure there will always be nights when you can't turn your brain off, but I have noticed a difference in my stress level and have certainly had fewer nights where I can't sleep (at least because of my brain not turning off).

I have been knocking things off the list slowly, but knocking them off none-the-less. Below is a picture of what the Brain Dump looks like as of today. The items that have the arrows next to them are all things that I am planning on knocking off the list this weekend.

Note: The picture isn't of my list in its entirety, just about the top half, but it at least shows everything in light gray that I have completed so far.

Also, stay tuned for an update (hopefully next week) on how the budget planning/monitoring is going! So far, it's going really well! I was just going to wait until we have a full month of budget tracking done so I could comment on what went well, what didn't go so well and what I am going to do different in the future!

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