"The Cereal Zone"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When Emma was born, we were introduced into "The Milky Zone", which is where she would go when she was really tired after pounding a bottle (okay, so Emma never really pounded anything....but you get the idea). There was no snapping her out of The Milky Zone... 

But ham bone Jackson, is blowing right by The Milky Zone and entering into The Cereal Zone! We started him on oatmeal cereal last week after his doctor's appointment and even though we were a little early, he was clearly ready. Within the first feeding, he had eaten probably a quarter cup of cereal (they say to start out with a teaspoon, but he wasn't having it) and was already learning how to open his mouth and deal with the spoon. Fast forward to not even a week later and he is pounding the same amount of cereal, plus an entire container of fruit. We have only tried peaches so far, but on his second introduction into peaches he polished off the entire thing, along with his side of oatmeal cereal.

I had a feeling that Squishy was going to enjoy his first introduction to "food", so of course I got out the camera for our first attempt with the oatmeal cereal, and before we knew it, Jackson was in "The Cereal Zone"...

These pictures make me laugh every time I see them.


Now that he has even more of a hang of it he is actually REALLY hard to feed. He BARELY fits into his Bumbo chair and when he sits in it, he wants to be fed so fast that he folds himself in half and leans forward, grunting and groaning the whole time until you shovel another spoon in. Then he shoves his hands into his mouth almost like he is trying to lick every little morsel that he can get.

You can't feed this kid fast enough or with a big enough spoon. :)

And boy does he make a mess! These pictures are NOTHING in comparison to what he looks like now a week later while eating. He gets it ALL over his face, all over his hands (from shoving his fists in his mouth), and all over his legs because he is constantly leaning forward for more.


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