Fevers, Rashes, Colic & Alternators

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What a combination.

That's what yesterday was all about. Here's a quick description of what life was like yesterday, in all it's glory.

They day started out pretty normal with both kids waking up around 5:45AM. Crikey. This has become a new habit, mostly for Emma Kathryn in the last week or two. It doesn't matter if she stays up later the night before, it doesn't matter if she only had a short nap the day before, no matter what, she has been up at 5:45AM every morning for the past week and a half. Jackson seemed to wake up fine and happy as a clam and we got ready for work and were surprisingly ready at a decent time. The Nanny came over and I was off to work. Wes decided to work from home since his boss was out of the office.

Everything was fine that day, Emma was fine, Jackson had a great day, seemed like a typical day. I was having a pretty crazy day at work, and have been struggling a bit with the PPD over the past few days, but I was making it through the day. I ended up having to work until about 6:00PM and should have/could have worked much later but I knew Wes was home with the babies by himself around dinner time which is always tough for either parent. I planned on signing on and getting some work done after the babies were in bed. Needless to say, that didn't happen.

::: tries to start car :::

::: car doesn't make a sound :::

::: car is totally dead :::

::: kicks car :::

::: wipes forehead because it's 1,000,000 degrees out :::

::: kicks car again :::

::: calls home :::

I have to back up here for one minute because our car actually died on Sunday as well, but Wes went and bought a brand new battery which seemed to do the trick, and which got me to work perfectly fine. Round two.

Wes comes to get me at work with a VERY whiny toddler and a seemingly fine infant. We can't even jump the car, so it spends the night in my work's parking lot, where it is still resting. Stupid car.

We get home, Emma is VERY cranky, refusing to eat dinner (which was surprising because it was a hot dog which she LOVES), and when I was snuggling with her I felt her head which was clearly warm.

::: takes Emma's temperature :::

::: 103 degrees :::

::: gets ready for a long night :::

We then find out that Emma's Nanny, after heading home early, took a nap, woke up with a fever and has been throwing up ever since. So after a dose of Motrin, Emma heads off to bed early (after not touching her milk which is a big red flag) and Mommy immediately starts Puke Patrol 2011.

::: gets out washcloths :::

::: makes sure washing machine is empty and ready ::::

::: removes all stuffed animals from crib :::

::: places bucket by Emma's door :::

::: has panic attack :::

This is when we insert Jackson's colic freak out, which has been reoccurring lately out of no where. So I then spend about 45 minutes listening to a SCREAMING baby, trying to get him to sleep. Finally he passes out and Puke Patrol 2011 continues.

I kept checking in on Emma, who was white as a ghost just laying in her bed not falling asleep, moaning and groaning. This goes on until about 10:00PM, so she has been laying there for almost 2.5 hours by this point. She begs to go downstairs, so we turn on a little Tigger and Pooh, and relocate all of the Puke Patrol equipment downstairs. And we wait. Every move she makes, we jump up. Every noise she makes, we jump up.

Miraculously, Emma starts to feel better around 11:30PM, she is chatting again, laughing at Tigger and Pooh, almost back to her old self again. We head upstairs to bed and she.is.wired. We eventually give in and bring her in our bed and she starts hitting Mommy and Daddy with pink bear. Then she starts to tickle Daddy. Then she snuggles on top of Mommy. She continues to beg to go back downstairs. She stands up. She sits up. She jumps on the bed. She "reads" her Shapes book, and by "reads" it I mean that she hits Mommy and Daddy in the head with it. She smacks Mommy once again with pink bear...

This continues for another three hours.

::: falls asleep at computer :::

::: wakes up to continue story :::

We give up and Emma goes back in her crib, only to talk and play for another half hour before finally going to sleep. She was up again this morning at 5:45AM. Ouch.
Emma has also had a rash for a few weeks now. It’s all around her diaper area, on her thighs and recently started to crawl up her belly. She has seen her pediatrician about it, he prescribed some hydrocortisone cream that seems to help, but hasn’t actually gotten rid of it. He also looked at it again at her 2 year check up and it was still there, so he said it was probably from the heat and her diaper irritating her, so it will probably stick around for the rest of the summer. It does seem to get worse after she comes in from playing outside, or if she gets really hot, but no matter how long we let her run around with no diaper on (outside of course), we just can't shake it. The doctor didn’t seem to think it was any affect from the potential antibiotics she could be on from the VUR study, but I contacted her urologist today who wants us to send in a picture.

We still have to figure out this crazy car thing as it is still sitting in the parking lot at work, and we think its the alternator (thanks to input from the big brother), but fingers crossed, that's all it is considering the car is a 1996 with 195,000 miles on it. :)

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