A Visit to the Pediatrician

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When Jackson was born, the pediatrician that we were going to use (Emma's pediatrician) was vacationing in Italy for a month. ::: sigh ::: So, instead of Dr. P we saw Dr. H for Jackson's first appointment. We were so impressed that we kept Jackson under Dr. H. During his first appointment, the pediatrician was asking the standard questions, but then started asking questions about Emma. When we went back a month later, he remembered everything that we had told him about Emma too (he didn't have any paperwork with him)! We were blown away, so we decided to switch over Emma to Dr. H as well (we just like to have both kids with the same doctor).

So, on Monday, both of the babies were due for their regular check-ups. Emma was due for her 2 year old visit and Jackson was due for his 4 month visit. I was already a little nervous because I knew they would both be getting shots, and trying to get out of the house with both kids by 7:30AM was going to be challenging. Luckily, our Nanny met me at the doctors and was a huge help!

I may have mentioned this before, but Emma has a big fear of doctors because of everything that she has been through with her VUR. So she tends to freak out around any kind of doctor, including the vet. So back to Monday...

Jackson was up first.

Emma did not like the doctor holding Jackson. It was really the first time I have seen the big sister protective mode kick in. Even though Jackson was happy as a clam with Dr. H, Emma was not having it and wanted her baby back in Mommy's arms. Then it was on to Emma. Even though Dr. H is amazing with kids, Emma was still pretty afraid despite his best efforts. Although he still hasn't gotten his high-five that he asks for every time, she is getting close. :) After Emma's check up it was on to the shots. This time Emma was first. We knew if she saw Jackson get upset, it would be even harder for her. But my big girl was amazing! She got one shot and didn't even cry!! I was blown away!! Jackson did amazing as well!! He got one oral vaccine and two shots and although he cried, he stopped within 5 seconds of being picked up and was good to go! So all in all, it was a really successful trip! At least until we had to head downstairs to get Emma's blood drawn. That was a different story. Ack.

As a reward for being brave like Mickey and Pete, Emma got some "mems" (M&Ms) for the ride home. :)

Both babies slept for 4 hours that afternoon and had a slight fever that night and the next day. But, they are back to being their crazy selves today!

Here are the stats for each of the babies. I'm pretty sure we have a linebacker and a ballerina on our hands. :)

Emma Kathryn at 2 years old:
Weight = 23 lbs (10th percentile), Height = 33 inches (25th percentile)

Jackson Douglas at 4 months old: 
Weight = 16 lbs (75th percentile), Height = 25 inches (65th percentile)

Jackson has Emma beat by about 3 lbs and 1 inch when she was four months old (and technically, she was 4 months and 2 weeks, and he hasn't even hit his 4 month mark yet). No wonder they are in the same size diapers. :)

We also got the go ahead to start Jackson on cereal, so stay tuned as I will definitely be documenting the first cereal experience just like I did with Emma. It's usually too funny to pass up. :)

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