Let's Recap....(Updated)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Let's recap the events of the past week, shall we?

  • Sunday: Broken down car. New battery. Car fixed.
  • Monday: Broken down car again, Mommy's stuck at work. Emma has 103 fever. Nanny is barfing. Emma's up until 2:00AM.
  • Tuesday: Emma still has a fever. Daddy stays home with babies. Car fixed. Didn't have to buy the new battery in the first place. Too late now. Emma wakes up at 4:00AM.
  • Wednesday: Emma can't shake fever. Mimi stays home with babies.
  • Thursday: Mommy takes Emma to the pediatrician's for fever. Emma gets a catheter. No UTI.
  • Friday: BGE Peak Rewards kicks in. House is at a cool 87 degrees when we get home. Emma's awake until 10:00PM, Mommy's awake to 1:00AM getting ready for party.
  • Monday - Friday: Mommy works over 50 hours this week.
  • Saturday: Host a surprise party (more to come on that later), Jackson spikes a fever during party. Emma's awake until 10:00PM.
  • Sunday: Entire family is exhausted. 
  • Monday: Emma barfs on kitchen floor before Mommy leaves for work.
  • Monday Night: Air conditioner breaks
  • Sunday - Tuesday: Wes deals with poison ivy.

And there isn't even an end in sight!

::: sigh :::

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  1. Oh my goodness. You poor thing! We had that same thing happen to Matt's truck a few months ago.. thought it was the battery, bought a new one without success. Then got a new alternator. THEN found wiring that had gone bad too. UGH! This week a spark plug went bad on our other car. but that's nothing compared to your week. Hang in there. Hope Tuesday is a better day. I'll have a glass of wine for you tonight!


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