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Friday, July 8, 2011

 Gold Metal Here I Come
But no pressure, Emma Kathryn. :)

Emma and my cousin Kim's little one Jillian started a new Mommy and Me Gymnastics class last week at Ultimate Gymnastics and the girls are doing fantastic! I can already tell that they are the new Shannon Miller and Kerri Strug (sans the broken ankle hopefully) and we totally see them together on the USA Olympic team in no time.

And yes, I am fully aware that I am old and that Shannon Miller and Kerri Strug were in the Olympics like 20 years ago. 

The first class was quite the whirlwind, which you can read about on Kim's blog as well. But Emma and Jillian were definitely the youngest ones in the class, and Jillian is a couple months younger than Emma, so they both had a hard time keeping up with some of the older kids that had also been there before. Emma has been to a tumbling class before, but it was pretty different than this time around. Last time, they did some climbing and swinging on rings as well, but half the class was either free time, or time spent sitting in a circle, singing songs, etc. Not this time buddy (as my Dad would say).

Kim and I knew we were in trouble when we started the full on stretching routine and warm up jog. Uh oh. Umm...yeah...Emma is two, and Jillian is even younger, so no, they don't know how to do the butterfly stretch. That was interesting. But after a whirlwind of a first class, we headed back this week and the girls did much better (and so did the Mommies). We had a different instructor but she was fantastic, and there were only three little ones in the class because of the holiday week. But it was a slower pace so we were able to take our time and teach them a little bit better on some of the apparatus.

It's pretty hard to get any pictures of the girls doing their "thang" in the gym since you have to be right by their side and more often than not, holding them in some way shape or form so they don't go "tumbling". :) But, we did manage to snap a few pictures with my phone on the way out after class.

These girls may not be the fastest in the class, but darn it if they aren't the cutest. BFFs in the making.

Disclaimer: I am also fully aware that a tutu is not proper gymnastics attire but both these girls are so tiny, we can't find any leotards that fit them. Plus, the tutu is too cute to pass up. 

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