Emma's First Haircut!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Despite both my grandmother, my mom and I having HUGE heads of hair (SUPER THICK), it looks like that gene skipped right over Emma. :) When she was first born she had incredibly dark hair, but it was gone in just a few weeks. Her hair certainly hasn't grown very fast, and it's very thin, although the texture is very similar to mine. The sides of her hair are what kills me. Its like that part doesn't grow at all! The back was getting longer, and the front was long enough to hang in her eyes, but the sides were just all over the place! I had no idea what to do with it. Do I cut it and make it even shorter? Do I just let it go and have her looking like a hot mess everyday? :) Everyone kept saying that it was too early for a haircut but I couldn't take it anymore. :) So I broke down and took her to get her first haircut just about a month after she turned two.

I was too scared to do it myself. :)

We went on the same morning that we headed over to Sugarbakers to order a cake for my parent's surprise 40th anniversary party (where Emma also had a chocolate cupcake at 9:30AM - I couldn't resist. You have to have SOME fun once and a while right?!?!). I had been talking up the haircut all morning so she was pretty excited, even though she didn't really know what was coming. I just kept saying "Are you excited to get your first haircut today?!" and she would respond with "Yeah! Yippee" Just like Mommy's!!" Umm...almost honey.

We headed to the local Great Clips and although she was a little nervous at first, she LOVED the fishies on her little gown and sat in Mommy's lap like a champ. It was over before she knew it, and she came out looking much better!

I always thought it was kind of odd (okay...and a little gross) that people would keep the hair from their babies first haircut like my mom did. But before I knew it, I was walking out with a little card in hand, with Emma's hair taped to it. ::: sobbs ::: The funny part was that since she barely has any hair in the first place, there wasn't much to cut at all, so the card actually contains everything that was cut off! And its not much. :)

Here is Emma before said haircut....

And after said haircut...the sides are still a little screwy. :)

I think the chocolate cupcake for breakfast was kicking in since she wouldn't stop running around so trying to get a good picture of her haircut was impossible. :) Ergo, her little golf club and ball in hand. I'm pretty sure immediately after the last picture she walked over and smacked me with it. :)

My little baby girl is growing up way too fast...

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